The Economic Journal adheres to a policy of single-blind reviewing, in which the identity of the reviewer is, as far as possible, kept from authors. Only essential corrections should be made at the proof stage. The Economic Journal requires authors of empirical, experimental or numerical papers to provide documentation of how their results were obtained in sufficient detail and accuracy to allow their results to be replicated. After you submit your manuscript, you will receive an email regarding how to transfer your payment. Short papers will be held to the same quality standards as regular submissions, and the same editorial decision processes in terms of refereeing and turnaround times apply. Submission of an article to the Economic Journal is taken as an acknowledgment that the submitter has read the Journal’s Submission Guidelines and, in particular, agrees to comply with the Ethics Guidelines for authors. If the paper is accepted for publication, the replication package will be posted on the journal's website alongside the paper. Please note that some funders require open access publication as a condition of funding. Authors retain the right to make an Author’s Original Version (preprint) available through various channels, and this does not prevent submission to the journal. Authors of accepted manuscripts are asked to consult and follow the Guide for Accepted Authors. they have included their name on the paper; their submission is contained within one PDF file (including appendices, but not including cover letter or past reports); any material not for publication is clearly marked. Any manuscript may be screened, especially if there is reason to suspect part or all of the text has been previously published. The Indian Economic Journal adheres to a rigorous double-blind reviewing policy in which the identity of both the reviewer and author are always concealed from both parties. Submissions must include a title page with each author’s affiliation, position, mailing address, phone, and e-mail. Please see the Checklist for authors for further information. the datasets used in the analysis, including a complete, transparent and precise documentation describing all variables. Any indication of plagiarism highlighted by our software may result in the revocation of an accept decision. When you submit a paper for consideration, you will be asked to confirm that you are willing to comply with this policy. If the code uses additional packages that are not part of the standard distribution, then these packages should be included so that the code still runs after many years. Please note that the Journal of International Economics no longer publishes book reviews. For papers that contain descriptive, econometric or simulated analysis of data, the authors must provide sufficient detail in the paper (or in an appendix) for the reader to understand the nature of the data used and how it was analyzed to produce the results, as well as a replication package containing the following: Authors who have requested an exemption for the publication of their datasets can either (1) grant temporary distance or physical access to the data to the journal's staff for the sole purpose of replication (the data will not be published), or (2) supply a simulated dataset or a synthetic dataset instead of the actual dataset(s) used for the analysis for replication purposes. Authors may want to consult the guide to creating PDF files regarding PDF file conversion and other formatting issues. Sources of potential conflict of interest are any relationship, personal or professional, that could affect the objectivity of the review process. 1.103 Applied Economics. the manuscript is original work and does not duplicate any other previously published work, including the author's own work; the manuscript has been submitted only to, the manuscript will not be submitted elsewhere whilst under consideration at. The Economic Journal is one of the founding journals of modern economics. Details of the open access licences and open access charges. A submission to the journal implies that materials described in the manuscript, including all relevant raw data, will be freely available to any researcher wishing to use them for non-commercial purposes, without breaching participant confidentiality. All submissions to the journal are initially reviewed by one of the journal editors. New authors should create an account prior to submitting a manuscript for consideration. Submission indicates that you license users to download, copy, and modify this material. 1.103 Search in: Advanced search. For more information about submission guidelines, please visit the RAND Journal of Economics Style Guide At the point of submission, each author should reveal any financial or other interests or connections that might raise any question of bias in the work reported or the conclusions. The Economic Journal publishes academic papers that significantly advance knowledge. Submissions for the American Economic Journal: Applied Economics Information on Submissions and Guidelines for Accepted Articles Want to submit a paper to the AEJ: Applied Economics? The Editors of The Economic Journal welcome high-quality papers in economics from any field. Subscribe. Log in | Register Cart. AEJ: Applied Economics… There is a reduced submission fee of USD 100 if each author meets at least one of the following conditions: (i) is a current student, (ii) is within six years of completing their PhD, or (iii) resides in a low- or middle-income economy (according to the World Bank classification). Manuscripts that do not meet the requirements below will not be considered for publication. ... Journal of Economic Issues, Volume 54, Issue 4 (2020) SYMPOSIUM: The Monetary Macroeconomics of John R. Commons . Submissions should be technically well-crafted, make a substantial contribution to the subject, and be of broad interest to economists at large. Acceptance will only be granted after the results have been checked for replication. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that all references are fully and correctly cited throughout the paper on initial submission to the Journal. The Economic Journal reserves the right to disallow authors from submitting to the Journal for repeat offenses. Please ensure that you have read and agree to the RES privacy policy and the Journal's Submission Terms and Conditions prior to submitting. It will become part of the published article in the case of acceptance. The Editors welcome submissions to The Economic Journal which adhere to the Instructions to Authors. The submission fee is USD 150for new submissions. New content alerts RSS. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration (or an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor). Submission Guidelines. Self-plagiarism, where an author reuses his/her previously written text, data or ideas, without appropriate reference, is also considered a form of misconduct. The journal has broad coverage in terms of geographic scope, time frame, and methodology. We welcome high-quality submissions in all fields of economics, independent of method and perspective, including applied submissions on policy-relevant questions that make an important contribution by demonstrating precisely-identified zero effects. We are unable to review manuscripts that have been previously rejected by the AEJ: Macroeonomics. a readme file (README.pdf) describing the content of the package, how the data and programmes can be used to replicate the results in the paper, the version of the software the code was written for and the respective versions of extra packages, as well as an estimate of the computation time. Manuscripts are then copyedited, typeset, proofed out, and corrected. If you have uploaded a decision letter and referee reports from previous submissions, please tick the relevant box in Editorial Express to confirm that you have established that the decision letters and reports are not confidential. It furthers the University's objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide, This PDF is available to Subscribers Only. Prior to final acceptance any manuscript that has not already been screened will be put through iThenticate. Colour figures that appear only in the online version and not in the print version of articles incur no charges. The submission file is in OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF document file format. If your paper was previously reviewed at one or more "Top 5" journals (Econometrica, American Economic Review, Quarterly Journal of Economics, Journal of Political Economy, Review of Economic Studies) and no other journals, your submission is eligible for our Prior Review Process that expedites review. An appeal letter should be sent to the editorial office ( and should explain clearly why the author disagrees with the decision, including detailed responses to any reviewers’ comments. Authors are asked to declare any potential conflict of interest. Any sources of research funding are to be acknowledged in the manuscript. Indeed, the three journals on the list that specialize in short papers – Economics Letters, Applied Economics Letters, and Economics Bulletin – have the lowest 2-year citation count per paper, although Economics Letters and Economics Bulletin do better on the aggregate mean (RePec rank). Tourism Economics is an international peer reviewed journal, covering the business aspects of tourism in the wider context. The Atlantic Economic Journal (AEJ) is an Official Publication of the International Atlantic Economic Society. Since 1891 the journal has provided a platform for high-quality, imaginative economic research, earning a reputation for excellence as a general interest economics journal with a broad international readership. Journal's Submission Terms and Conditions, If you prefer a different font size, select it here before clicking "Continue Submission". a readme file (README.pdf) describing the content of the package, the data sources, any manipulation that was carried out to generate the final datasets, how the data and programmes can be used to replicate the results in the paper, the version of the software the code was written for and the respective versions of extra packages, as well as an estimate of the computation time. Submit an article. Any manuscript you submit to this journal should be original. any blue text item, your browser will take you to the link target.The text in the horizontal menu above are also hyperlinks that If accepted, the authors are required to update the status of any preprint, including your published paper’s DOI, as described on our Author Self-Archiving policy page.

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